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Three Ways Executives Stumble

Intention is everything when creating strategic and business plans. Too many executives use annual plans as a “snapshot” or “State of the Enterprise” presentation rather than a dynamic instrument of change. AH Maslow is credited with developing the Cycle of Change which identifies three transformations to achieving change. They are: awareness that change is necessary, […]

Do You Confuse Vision and Mission?

Whenever I work with a group regarding strategic planning, I find the words vision and mission often need definition. Perhaps some of the confusion comes from faith-based organizations using the word mission to mean what a commercial organization often calls vision. Simply put, vision is a description of how your organization expects to improve the […]

Singular Focus Bests the Competition

We are approaching that time of year when we make and forget resolutions. Verne Harnish in “Mastering the Rockefeller Habits” wrote that effective business leaders identify just one high-priority goal to be accomplished over the next 12 to 18 months. The power of one shared goal greatly increases the likelihood that the goal will be […]

The Labor Day Milepost

Labor Day stands for so much in the popular culture. To beachcombers it means the end of summer, to parents and it means the return to school, and for executives it means the final stretch of the fiscal year. Skilled managers have a strategic initiative that will change the face of their business.  Labor Day […]

The Dangers of “Wait and See”

It seems that the new American sport is second guessing how Congress will handle the Sequester and our budget dilemma. The truth is that we all hate the anxiety of waiting for a decision that weighs heavily on our future. It’s important for business leaders to remember that the same anxiety is playing out on […]

What Are the Blocks to Culture Change?

Many companies today are asking themselves how they can be more innovative with respect to new products and services or quality improvement. Winning companies have created environments where employees feel encouraged to offer new ideas or even experiment with different approaches to old problems. Culture can be simply defined as the way organizations go about […]

Why Strategic Goals Are Not Achieved

It’s the start of a new year with new budgets and plans; and the air filled with a renewed sense of opportunity. All too often, organizations fall short on the previous year’s planned initiatives and skip into the new year without reflecting on what happened. Shortcomings can be caused by events out of one’s control. […]