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Five Missteps that Will Lose a Sale

For many small business owners and entrepreneurs, the passion for their products and services is what inspired them to start their business.  Business owners can be intimidated by selling or tend to oversimplify a high-skill profession. Particularly for businesses that sell products and services to other businesses, it is critical that business owners gain healthy […]

Seven Top Attributes of a Salesperson

I have had a flood of people approach me lately bemoaning the difficulty of finding top sales personnel. Selling is difficult to master and people who have no sales experience often do not fully appreciate how valuable an asset a top salesperson is. Chances of making a good hire improve dramatically if one takes the […]

What if your Employees Were Volunteers?

I recently assumed a leadership position in a faith-based organization that is rebuilding after a terrible splintering of the congregation. I have volunteered over the years at numerous non-profits and have observed that they are more volatile than for-profit organizations because of the large volunteer population. People are more inclined to express themselves when they […]

The Dangers of “Wait and See”

It seems that the new American sport is second guessing how Congress will handle the Sequester and our budget dilemma. The truth is that we all hate the anxiety of waiting for a decision that weighs heavily on our future. It’s important for business leaders to remember that the same anxiety is playing out on […]

Can Executives Change?

I came across this question on a web site blog for executives that focus on management practices. My first reaction was, “Sure.”  I read some of the responses to the question and found they all support the idea that executives can change, but I saw words like fortitude, will power, and vision come up repeatedly. […]