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Avoid Costly Training Mistakes

A survey by The Economist of over 1100 Millennial employees and 150 managers revealed that 91% of Millennials felt they would spend less than three years in a job before moving on.  Noted author, David Burstein, wrote that it is possible that the Millennial generation will have had 14 jobs by the time they are […]

Overcoming Obstacles to a Younger Workforce

I hear many employers in Connecticut voice concern about their aging workforce and their desire to attract younger employees. More often, these comments are prompted by anxiety over the eminent retirement of key employees. But I wonder if these employers appreciate the extent to which the “Net Generation” will transform the workplace.  I recently read […]

Is There Really a Choice?

I recently witnessed a discussion panel with two venture capitalists arguing whether identifying an attractive market or assembling a credible executive team was more important in gaining funding for a new venture. Both parties agreed that both elements are mandatory for entrepreneurial success. Yet, both had it in their mind to pick one over the […]

In Pursuit of a Follower

Some of the most vexing management challenges I’ve faced involve leading enduring cultural change. Anyone who has attempted to change a complacent, hostile, or defeated culture will understand the difficulty of this endeavor. I was recently treated to a viewing of Derek Sivers’ video, First Follower: Leadership Lessons from a Dancing Guy. The video illustrates […]

Staying In for the Long Haul

Last month I discussed managing organizational anxiety. It appears that the Sequester is a certainty and the odds makers in Vegas are turning their attention to whether the Federal government will shut down on March 28th.  One would hope that the ideological divide between our political parties will dissipate as the electorate slips through the […]

Making Resolutions: Passion or Procrastination?

As 2012 comes to a close, we brace ourselves for the media highlight reels and the perfunctory New Year’s Resolutions. So often when I talk to people about resolutions, I see rolling eyeballs and shaking heads.  At least one of the reasons that resolutions are abandoned so quickly is that people don’t know how to […]

Mandates, Going FORWARD, and other Games

The results are in, the votes have been tallied, and, after a long, ugly election year, not much has changed. The partisan split in our government suggests policies will continue to be crisis-driven and reactive to economic challenges. Business owners are complaining about the threat of new taxes and other imagined catastrophes brought by our […]

Can Executives Change?

I came across this question on a web site blog for executives that focus on management practices. My first reaction was, “Sure.”  I read some of the responses to the question and found they all support the idea that executives can change, but I saw words like fortitude, will power, and vision come up repeatedly. […]