What We Do

Aligning markets, strategies, people, and process.

We align the talent with the aspirations of leadership.

Accelerated Achievements works with professionals seeking excellence and who understand that success best comes from development of skills and awareness. Our practice is wide in scope, addressing people, market surveys, and business process. We value building high-trust relationships by honoring the talent of our clients, setting correct expectations, meeting our commitments, and persisting until a project is complete.

Critical Skills

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Business Strategy
and Goals Creation

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Talent Strategy

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Developing Critical Skills

Workgroup and Individual Development

Our coaching programs are directed at developing communication, organizational, and relationship skills for executives, managers, and professional sales personnel. Real change is best achieved through learning effective techniques and then practicing those techniques with the curation of a trained coach. Program topics include

  • Executive Leadership
  • Team Leadership and Supervision
  • Time Management
  • Sales Skill and Process

Business Strategy and Goals Creation

Clients often voice concerns about productivity and initiative when the source issue is a lack of clear direction. Our experience with facilitating business plans ranges from public corporations to proprietors and partners. Projects are scaled to meet the needs and complexity of each client. Services include:

  • Facilitating business and product strategy creation
  • Competitive Studies
  • Customer and Distributor Surveys
  • Annual plans for partners and proprietors

Talent Strategy Implementation

Job fit, the manager, the team, and company culture have the greatest on employee engagement and the ability for a company to retain talent. A talent strategy looks at the goals, desired results, and processes of a company to determine the organization, drives and skills that will get results. Assessment data is valuable for hiring and promotion decisions, developing career paths, and manager/employee friction. Offerings include:

  • Organizational structure proposals
  • Position planning and descriptions
  • Style, motivation, and EQ assessment

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