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President Charles Reese is an active public speaker on topics such as Customer Loyalty, Sustainability, Effective Communication, and more. Check below for any upcoming events.

Managing for Engagement

November 2022 – Details Coming Soon

47% of CEOs surveyed report loss of key talent last year. This class is for managers burned out from coaxing teams to make deadlines or frustration with bringing real change to an organization. This class will give you a structured approach to motivation, delegation, communication, and assessment that brings lasting change.

Session Overview

Leading through change requires clear objectives, proactive planning and communication, and managing disagreement and passive resistance. This class is targeted for managers of people who desire a more positive, productive team. Each weekly session will introduce a new set of management skills and review progress from the previous session. Participants are encouraged to set real development objectives and discuss challenges with peers.

What you will get from this course:
  • How to Build Trust in Your Team
  • Structure for motivating, delegating and evaluating work
  • Your role as Director, Coach, and Mentor
  • How to make more timely and inclusive decisions
  • Using your time more effectively

If interested to know more, schedule a conversation with Charles Reese to determine if this is the right opportunity for you at this calendar link.

Managing for Engagement

Leadership Success

Emotional Intelligence
What Is It and Why Is It Important?
An Emotionally Intelligent Organization – A Case Study
Self and Relationship Management

Personal and Organizational Goals

Critical Components of Goal Management
Criteria For Setting Organizational Goals
Managing Projects


Our Three Ego States
Communicating Fully and Successfully
Active Listening and Building Relationships

Managing Time

Concepts of Time Management
Overcoming Procrastination
Delegation and Leadership

Building Successful Teams

Creating and Managing Performance
Sustaining Results
You and Your Boss

Discipline and motivation

Measuring Standards and Developing Improvement
Disciplinary Interviews
Methods of Motivation


Putting It All Together
Opportunity For Last Questions
Going Forward


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