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Onboarding Guidelines for Industry 4.0

Summary This study examines how Industry 4.0’s  new technologies and radical, frequent change will accelerate the need to reform technical education to address new requirements. All participants were assessed for skill competency, behavior style, and motivators and stratified into three groups: Emerging Leaders, Engineers, and and Skilled Trade. Mindful that most of the participants were […]

Getting Action From Your Team: COLLABORATION

Managers’ big concern is attracting and retaining employees. A collaborative culture is prerequisite to engaging and retaining employees. There are three keys to collaboration

Getting Action: Attitude

Do you consider all telephone calls from sales people a waste of time or do you examine calls for merit? Do you get defensive or impatient when an employee complains about an assignment or do you see an opportunity to improve the work environment? We all have beliefs and attitudes and they all have at […]