Ever noticed that some web sites attract a steady flow of traffic while others experience traffic that bounces back immediately after landing? Or, why is it that advertising differs greatly in their ability to draw a response? It has been shown that companies with effective marketing messages almost always build them on sound business planning.

The depth and complexity of business plans can range from a simple list of goals to a full-blown strategic plan. Business owners can pick a format they are comfortable with and that fits the needs of their business. All plans should be written down and address the following questions:

  • Who is my ideal customer?
  • Why will customers want to buy from me and how will they want to buy?
  • Who is my competition?
  • What are my specific goals for growing my business?

It is just as important that employees and partners understand where the business is headed as the owner.

The operative word in the questions above is “want.”  Needs are tangible aspects of the product or service that the customer requires. Wants are hidden and at times might not seem totally rational. For example, an audio-visual equipment business might be very proud of the technical specifications of their equipment; but customers may want to buy a quality system within their budget without needing to understand the details. Or a software company may tout the new features and integration of their Resource Manager; but the customer may want to get the same job done with less IT staffing. Marketing media must signal clearly to the prospective customer that the business understands his or her wants. Studying customers’ highest goals and frustrations provides clues to what they want.

While successful business owners are artful planners, most owners can benefit from an outside perspective on the direction of their business.  Improved market focus and messaging opens the possibility to double the number of qualified leads you draw from your web site. A winning business plan can also improve employee engagement and productivity and boost the quality of products and services. Visit www.accelachv.com for information on taking your business to the next step. 

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