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Strategies for Recruiting the Next Generation into Manufacturing

With the severe fiscal problems facing our federal and state governments, there is a growing interest in government to revitalize the manufacturing sector. This interest is grounded in the realization that the information and service industries cannot easily match the wealth and job creation of manufacturing.   Manufacturing’s extensive supply chain, ability to reduce and balance […]

Process or People

In much of manufacturing today, hitting a market window with product development is a critical factor for success. Development processes are different from production process due to their uncertainty and intangibles. My colleagues in the high technology industry spend millions of dollars organizing around Agile product development, buying software productivity tools, and acquiring the latest […]

Why Strategic Goals Are Not Achieved

It’s the start of a new year with new budgets and plans; and the air filled with a renewed sense of opportunity. All too often, organizations fall short on the previous year’s planned initiatives and skip into the new year without reflecting on what happened. Shortcomings can be caused by events out of one’s control. […]

Sustainability or Survivability

So, what do you think of when you hear the term, “Sustainability Initiatives”? Many people think of the increasing flow of advertising that touts companies concern for the environment and our future. Indeed, the 2010 MIT Sloan Boston Consulting Group Sustainability and Innovation Survey revealed that 49% of executives thought the greatest benefit of sustainability […]

It All Starts with a Plan

In a difficult times, it is natural for organizations to focus more closely on achieving revenue requirements and critical objectives and to place business planning on the “back burner.” If these reactive periods continue over an extended period of time, inefficiencies and missed opportunities can ensue; not to mention exhaustion. Taking a few hours with […]